Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We are so excited, once again, to have p4p in Atlanta. I should tell you a little bit about how and why they came this time...............

so, in January, we were being forced (for lack of a better word) to change one of Samantha's seizure drugs from name brand to generic. Nobody could tell me that the generic would work as well as the name brand, but I was told, if the generic failed ie Samantha has a number of seizures, we could get the name brand medicine back. So, you might be thinking....what's the big deal and typically, I might agree - though you never want your child to have to endure additional seizures, but I am willing to try. Samantha's seizures are typically at night - which is stressful for my husband and me. We have a bed for us in her room and a video monitor, but, it never seems like enough and I always worry. On top of the possibility of more seizures, I was having surgery for breast cancer. It was going to be a pretty big surgery with a lot of time in the hospital and recovery time at home. I knew I wouldn't be my best at, I was thinking and thinking how I could come up with a solution to my problem of possible increased night time seizures AND me not being my normal alert self. So, what did I do? Shot off a quick email to Terry and Kyria Henry and asked them if they wanted to send CORINA to Atlanta and of course, they come too! Potentially, this could be a win for everyone. I did promise warm weather and haven't delivered on that yet, but gratefully, Kyria and CORINA showed up at my door step on a VERY snowy Friday afternoon willing to spend 8 days with our family.

CORINA has been an absolute angel and I couldn't imagine a better suited dog for us. She has been attending Samantha's therapy. They did PT yesterday with Sammie's bestest therapist Jurine (they are all fantastic, but Jurine has been with us since we were discharged from the NICU). They did a great job walking side by side up and down the stairs and practicing other activities. So fun to watch. CORINA loves the kids toys and if we work on it, I bet she will be a big helper during 'clean up'. CORINA is sleeping with Samantha at night and though we haven't had any seizures every day, the bond is growing more and more. I couldn't be happier.

So, a big thank you to Kyria and CORINA and Terry for making sure she got here safely on a snowy day......Saturday, is going to come too quickly when they leave for Charlotte. CORINA is also doing great with Samantha's brother Grayson ( 4 1/2). They are becoming buddies, as well as Kyria and Grayson...... I am hearing rumors of a Steak and Shake outing for Kyria and Grayson if he continues to behave so well with CORINA. Fingers are crossed......and a big THANK YOU to Kyria, for being my therapy during the day. It is so nice to have her company and conversation while I am home recovering.

Have a great day and will catch up on more CORINA happenings this week soon!!

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