Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 1 - CORINA

Well, it is funny how life can be a premonition of things to come. About 23 years ago, a friend of mine and I took her Golden Retriever to Lenox Mall in Atlanta and 'pretended' she was a service dog. I can't say it was my idea...but at the time, it was an idea none-the-less and we walked through the mall with her imposter service dog (no vest, no credentials) for all of about 5 minutes. So, here we were yesterday, at Lenox Mall in Atlanta and I really AM picking up my Service Dog CORINA! At the mall, I met Terry Henry and Sgt Tully, we had a quick lunch at Panera (of course...the p4p dining room!) and we left for my office. CORINA settled right in. Having the opportunity to get to know her over the past year, has really helped the transition process. CORINA rested calmly on my office floor while Terry and Sgt Tully made a quiet exit. We have about 50 people in our office in Buckhead and everyone is pretty excited to have CORINA here. But, on her second morning here in the office, people don't even notice she is here, she is quietly curled under my desk (Go In and Down). She is happy and seems to be quite peaceful. CORINA had a good night. We all had to fight for space on the bed and we are having an unusual warm spell in Atlanta, but I know when it gets a little chillier, we will welcome the extra 'blanket' in bed at night. CORINA thinks she is a cat. She just curls up by my feet and wants to have a pillow under her head (I wonder who spoiled her the most the past two years?).

Terry and Sgt Tully came for dinner. The funniest part of the evening (and of course, might enjoy this the most), was Grayson asking Sgt Tully if he was in the war, Sgt Tully responded 'yes'...then Grayson asked him 'Well, do you want to watch Battleforce 5? There are good guys and bad guys and the good guys always win'.....Sgt Tully kindly agreed to watch (ummm..he didn't have a choice, I am not sure if he knew that though) and the two of them sat on the couch together, quietly watching battleforce 5, with Grayson's feet kicked up on Sgt Tully's lap.....It was great having Terry and Sgt Tully over for dinner. We really enjoyed having them in our home.

It is so good to have a dog again. CORINA just fits into our busy active life. Samantha is doing great with CORINA. We are re-introducing them in small doses to start on the right foot, but both CORINA and Samantha are people pleasers, loving, and sweet, so perfectly suited with one another and I am so looking forward to watching their friendship grow.

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