Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A-Ha Moment

So, they call this time CORINA and I are spending together the 'umbilical'. As I explained it to people before CORINA came, it is the time when we have to transfer the bond from the trainer to me, which in turn, I will transfer it to Samantha, when the time is right.

Well. I was wrong.

I think the 'umbilical' time, is when I get so ATTACHED to this wonderful dog. It was evident this morning, when she and I were taking our loose leash walk through the forest and down the path, came a 110lbs white Shepard mix running as fast as she could towards us. Without thinking, I backed CORINA into a corner and protected her by standing in front of her/blocking the dog coming. That dog would have to get through me first.

Of course, everything was fine...and it was just a crazy, happy, relatively untrained dog who wanted to say hello. I saw her owner shortly afterwards (and of course, she commented on how well trained CORINA is....as if I could take an ounce of credit....which I can't). and she apologized for having her dog off leash and out of control.

But, it was at that moment, that I realized nothing would get to this life-line dog for our daughter. Guess the umbilical is working!!

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  1. I think you were really protecting Sammie :)